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It’s been a great month for solar power – and for consumers

The sunny weather experienced across the UK throughout April has seen solar power break new records and helped the country achieve its longest coal-free period since before the dawn of the industrial era. 

In the last week, solar energy generated more than 11% of the UK’s energy mix, setting a new daily peak generation record of 9.68GW on 20 April and a new weekly generation record of 485.41GWh in the process. 

The “maximised levels of solar generation” – aided by clear skies and cool temperatures – mean coal power has been offline since the morning of 10 April, according to the Solar Trade Association. 

STA chief exec Chris Hewett said: “Solar is playing a critical role in delivering a fossil-free grid and cleaner, cheaper power to Britain. As we look towards a net zero future, solar will become an increasingly greater part of the energy mix, tackling high power prices, climate change, and biodiversity loss.” 

Paid to use electricity

Meanwhile, you may have seen our recent tweet about this month’s surge in solar power leading to some households effectively being paid to use electricity during the day for the first time. 

The bright and breezy weather in April led to record renewable power generation, with wind farms contributing 40% of the energy mix and solar almost a fifth of the overall demand. By comparison, coal plants made up only 1.1% of the total. 

These figures, combined with a drop in demand from pubs, restaurants, companies and factories during lockdown, have led to the positive picture for households with solar panels and those on green energy tariffs. 

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