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Solar Panel Brackets
From Blackline

Solar panels need strong, reliable roof attachments to ensure their optimal placement and performance. And when you’re getting market-leading solar PV technology of the kind Project Solar provides for its customers, you want all of the system’s fixtures to be of the utmost quality. Our installations use only the best Blackline solar panel brackets, whose durable design and heavy-duty grading make them the perfect match for securing our high-performance panels.


Key features

  • Reliable, strong and durable
  • Our solar panel brackets were designed in the UK
  • Barely visible on your roof
  • T66 grading means they are certified for offshore use

Black Anodised Aluminium Rail & Rail Connector

Rail fixtures will be tailored to the exact requirements of your installation. These heavy-duty anodised aluminium rails and connectors are specially treated for maximum durability and are placed at the edges of your solar panel mounting brackets to fix them to the roof.

Black Anodised Aluminium Mid & End Clamps

Get even more security, stability and durability with these hard wearing clamps, made out of sleek black anodised aluminium for extra quality and long-lasting strength. Clamps are placed at intervals around the edges of your solar panel mounting brackets, giving extra protection from the elements.

Marine-Grade Materials

Ready for the elements

Our solar panel brackets are made of a T66 graded alloy, which we use for its incredible reliability, versatility and high strength-to-weight ratio. T66 is used in shipbuilding and offshore industry, so you will never have to worry about weather or the elements.

Sturdy, reliable and strong

For how much it weighs, T66 graded alloy is one of the strongest materials from which solar panel mounting brackets can be made. Why is the ratio between weight and strength important? Well, it means we can secure your solar panel brackets with one of the strongest metals on the market, without weighing down your roof. So you can rest easy, knowing that not only is your installation fully protected from the elements, but your roof, brackets and panels are all tightly secured and not over the load-bearing weight. What’s more, the T66 grading means our solar panel brackets are actually certified for use in shipbuilding and for offshore applications such as oil rigs – so a bit of wind and rain on your roof won’t be a problem!

Solar Panels in the Strangest Places

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