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Solar Panel Roof Tiles
Integrated Solar Panels

Solar panel roof tiles – also known as integrated solar panels or roof-integrated solar panels – are an amazing way of harnessing solar power while leaving the aesthetics of your home completely undisturbed. Having solar panels integrated into the roof means you do not have to fit separate PV panels on top, so there is no need to worry about how they will look or how to configure them on your roof to generate the most power. To the untrained eye, yours will look just like any other tiled roof.

How do they work?

Today’s solar PV panels look as great as they work, but there are still some people who are concerned about the impact installation of the panels will have on the overall look of their home. When that is a concern, solar panel roof tiles may just be the perfect answer. They are made up of small PV modules that are designed to mimic the appearance of contemporary roof tiles, adding a brilliantly modern look to any home. The modules work in much the same way as those in standard panel set-ups, gathering power from the sun, converting it, and sending it to your energy system. Solar panel roof tiles are difficult to integrate into existing roofing systems, so most people wait until they are renovating their homes before fitting them. The finished roof will be a mix of integrated solar panels, and dummy tiles placed in shady areas that are not suited to generating solar power.

Integrated Roof Tile

Seamless Smart Integrated Panels

Key Features

  • Seamless power-generating tiles with an excellent black appearance
  • No clips, clamps, brackets or plastic
  • Incredibly easy installation
  • 12-year limited warranty and 25-year performance warranty

Are they right for my home?

If the look of your home is a crucial issue, solar panel roof tiles could be the answer. Likewise, if your home is in a conservation area or is subject to stricter planning controls for any other reason, these tiles will unlock the savings of solar power without harming the aesthetics of your property. For image-conscious homeowners, roof-integrated solar tiles are the absolute best way of getting all the benefits of solar energy savings, without changing the look of the home. Even better than that, the intelligent way solar roof tiles can be configured means that they can be laid out to cover only the sunniest areas of your roof (with dummy tiles used for wholly or partially shaded areas), so you can maximise your solar power generation by not having power cells sitting in unlit spots. Roof integrated solar tiles are improving all the time in their energy production capabilities, so get in touch with the experts at Project Solar UK to find the right option for your home.

Saving energy with solar roof tiles

Like any solar power tech, the installation of these tiles should be viewed as an investment, on the way to unlocking big savings on energy bills for years to come. It is estimated that even a small system will produce savings of around 15%, with larger systems capable of delivering savings worth up to half of your total energy bill. This is because when you invest in solar power, you open up the ability to generate your own energy at home, reducing your reliance on energy providers and reducing the amount of money you need to hand over to them to heat and power your home. Not just that, but the installation of roof-integrated solar panels will also add value to your home. Many new-builds are being designed to feature this technology as standard, meaning it will become the norm across the market. By renovating now and putting in a roof with solar tiles, you will keep up with trends and ensure your property goes up in value rather than down. Indeed, research by Tesla Roof Shingles in America found that homeowners can enjoy a 10% jump in the value of their home when they install solar roof tiles.

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