Why SOlar?

More importantly why not solar?

If you have a roof at your business premises and during daylight working hours you are using electricity all day every day, but buying it from someone else, this doesn’t make good business sense.

If the roof space is not being used, then this area is a major asset for your company, which will generate secured income, protect your business against the guaranteed future rising energy costs, and lower your carbon footprint.

The payments are guaranteed by the Government for 20 years. You are currently paying for other companies’ Solar systems, by the Levy on your energy bills incurred each month, so if you’re paying towards it take advantage of the opportunity like others are.

Up To 25% ROI
Reduces Carbon Footprint
Proven to be Most Reliable Renewable Investment

Our Areas

  • Large Scale Solar PV Projects
  • Individual Solar Panel Monitoring
  • Battery Storage / Grid Aggregation
  • Commercial Voltage Optimisation
  • Hot Water Controllers
  • Infrared Heating and Smart Controls
  • Low Carbon Projects
  • Air source Heat Pumps
  • LED Lighting

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Solar at Kew Gardens

We are proud to have install the our solar energy at the iconic treehouse within the Treetop walkway at Kew Gardens. The system was purchased outright by the customer in order to benefit from on-site generated electricity rather than relying on drawing power from the National Grid to power the lighting at such an Iconic location within the park. The Solar Panels will be used to charge batteries which will in turn keep the tree lights working through out the evening.

Kew is London's largest UNESCO World Heritage site offering unique landscapes, vistas and iconic architecture from every stage of the Gardens' history. It was the desire and passion of Kew to use green energy that bought the two businesses together to make this install work for all, and their requirement to only employ business’ who follow in their working ethos meant Project Solar UK carried out the works necessary to achieve the aims of Kew”

Don’t just take our word for it...


We have direct access to a various number of available options for the financing of your solar system, including funding the 100% net cost of the system up to £500,000. Working with a various number of our trusted partners including:

  • Shawbrook Bank
  • The Carbon Trust - this includes the opportunity for you to access a free capital contribution of up to £10,000 towards the costs of renewable technologies for your business
  • Interest Free Loans to businesses in Wales (up to £200,000) & NI (up to £400,000) for the purchase of renewable energy equipment through the Carbon Trust.
  • We can offer fully funded commercial solar projects under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This agreement provides electricity at a discounted rate to the end user, which can assist with long term financial planning, with annually capped inflation rates, and long term protection against ever rising energy rates.

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