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Start your journey today with Project Solar

Start your journey today with Project Solar

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    What are the benefits of solar?

    UK electricity prices are the highest they’ve been since the market formed in 1990. These are also set to increase further in October 2022 (OFGEM).

    Switching to solar offers a buffer against these increasing electricity tariffs. With wholesale electricity prices more than doubling in April 2022, so have the potential savings from having solar panels installed.

    By producing your own energy, less electricity has to be purchased from suppliers. A reduced reliance on the national grid means reduced energy bills for your household.

    Including saving money on your energy bills here’s 10 reasons to make the switch to solar.


    South-facing rooftops receive the most direct sunlight and therefore produce the most electricity. Ideally the area should be free from shade casted by overhanging trees or large neighbouring buildings.

    Solar panels can still however produce energy even when not in direct light. Even if you only have a suitable east or west facing rooftop, solar could still be for you.

    You’ll need enough solar panels to handle your household’s energy consumption. For the average household, that’s 3,800kWh a year. We’d recommend at least 10 panels with a 400kW capacity each to provide the power you require.

    Project Solar completes a survey prior to every installation. We’ll take into consideration the number of panels, panel & inverter performance, shading, orientation and your geographical location to provide you with an accurate savings figure for your install.

    We’re the UK’s number one solar power company, so you’re in safe hands. We offer the most efficient products on the market that are supported with incredible warranties. We’ll be here for you throughout your entire solar journey, our happy customers and positive reviews speak for themselves.