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  • I could improve my home’s energy performance
    certificate (EPC)
  • I want to reduce my carbon footprint
  • I want to help to reduce global warming as it’s my duty to save the planet
  • I want to provide energy security for my family
  • I want to become my own clean, green power station!
  • Could my bill be estimated or actual?
  • Am I on the best energy tariff?

Change Your Energy

Saving is quick
It only takes five minutes to switch to a better deal, and you could save more than £491* on your annual energy bills.

Switching is free
You’ll pay nothing. The commission is paid by suppliers, and this will not affect the price of any tariff you sign up to using our service.

Saving is easy
We compare tariffs from a wide range of suppliers, and show you how much you could save by switching – just choose the best deal, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Switching is hassle-free
The switch should take no longer than 17 days, and there’ll be no disruption to your service – gas and electricity will be supplied through the same pipes and cables.