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Customer Support

If you have any queries before, during or after your installation please call our Head Office direct, where we will be more than happy to deal with any information you require or general query you may have. 

Sales Department 

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Technical Department (Maintenance and Repairs Within 4 Weeks from Installation)

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Customer Care Team. 

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Maintenance and Repairs (After 4 weeks of installation) 

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Accounts Department. 

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Customer Resolution  

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Monitoring Platforms 

The technology installed enables on-line monitoring which allows the user to see the full overview of the storage solution functionality. 

As you know Project Solar UK Ltd want to provide you with the best possible information so you can maximise the benefits of your Solar PV installation. Below, you will see a list of monitoring platforms for you to select from, according to your Solar PV installation, the selection will help give you clear instructions on how to check, use and troubleshoot any queries you may have with your monitoring system. 

Monitoring Login  

This will have been provided to you after installation of your system.

Solax Monitoring: 

Solax Cloud App: 

Solax Connection Help: 

Fox ESS: 

Fox ESS Connection Help: 

Upon receiving your final documentation, you will also receive a PDF of FAQ’s and troubleshooting links associated with your installation. All technology will be registered with the Manufacturer on the day of installation. All warranty documents will be shared with the client.



User Guide & Web-Links 

Video Guides


Your storage solution is linked to the Internet service providers (ISP) router within your property, the  SSID & Password have been shared to our devices wi-fi card, in the event of you changing your internet service provider the new SSID & Password will need to be re-allocated to our system. 

Procedures for verifying correct System Operation 

  • Ensure the Battery Charge controller (Inverter) is on, check LCD display.  
  • If the LCD display is not illuminated, please check Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) within the Fuse board is in the on position, this will be clearly marked battery storage. 
  • LCD display, main screen will depict energy flow, positive when Discharging from the battery &  negative when charging the battery. The state of charge (SOC) of the battery will be determined as a %  with the main screen also suggesting Normal status. 

Force Charge 

  • The Technology installed allows a time clock to be set for an Off-Peak tariff to be utilised to charge the battery solution, to discharge On-Peak reducing energy costs. The set-up process will be allocated by the installation Team, however in the event of the off-peak tariff not being available upon the day of  installation, a user guide will be shared for the user to set all parameters required. 
  • A system schematic will also be shared with all documentation, along with an Electrical Installation  Certificate (EIC). 
  • A CT Clamp will be installed on the incoming live cable from the main utility meter, the arrow on the current sensor must point to the public grid.