Project Solar UK. Why we are the best...

Welcome to the world of better energy by Project Solar UK. You’ve just discovered the UK’s leading solar energy provider. Not only are we the largest and most experienced installer of solar across the UK, but we also offer an unrivalled service to our happy customers, supported with outstanding warranties and we offer the worlds leading solar PV panels in the market today, so you’re in safe hands!

One of our friendly team will only be too happy to help you with your enquiry towards better solar panels and better solar power.

Call us today on 0800 112 3110 and discover how you can benefit from solar to power your world and use your own electricity, earning & save money and even do your part in saving the planet!

Of happy customers
Of kW of energy produced
Customers saved & earned

Great News, You’ve come this far

You have taken the first steps to creating and using your own electricity, earning money and even doing your part

Here’s what we can do for you now...
  • Show you how much you could save on your electricity
  • Show you how much you could be paid to trade your own electricity
  • Show you how much you could be paid to export your electricity to trade
  • Show you how long it could take the system to pay for itself
  • Explain exactly how a solar system works, in plain English
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Fully Protected
with HIES
You are fully protected with HIES, home insulation and energy systems quality assured contractor's scheme.
  • Free advice line: 0800 505 3412
  • Free deposit protection
  • Free stage payment protection
  • Free insurance backed guarantee (for every customer)
  • Free mediation (to help fully resolve any disputes)
  • Free independent inspections (providing a thorough defect analysis report)
  • Free arbitration (to provide a legally binding, enforceable resolution)
  • Free access to ombudsman (to conclude disputes without incurring legal fees or costs)
  • Free access to compensation fund (to honour all ombudsman awards)
  • Products will be MCS & Hies registered