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Owl Heating Controls
A smart, web-based solution to zone heating control

OWL smart heating controls give you hands-on access to your household heating system, allowing you to see the status of the thermostat, radiators and more, as well as to control and program your system from any web-connected device. The intelligent zone heating control means you can heat your home in a more energy-efficient way, only warming up the rooms you really need to.

How does it work?

OWL heating controls have at their heart a relatively simple timeclock, similar in some ways to conventional heating systems – but with several big advantages. You use the interface to set up a heating programme, with timings to suit your daily routine. You can even amend the programme across different days of the week, and set it to include holiday dates, so you never waste money heating your home while you’re away. The powerful dashboard gives you analytics data relating to your energy use, allowing you to further optimise the programme after the initial set-up.

The Smart Optimiser

  • Smart thermostat allows for web-based control and full zone heating control (additional zones can be added), letting you heat just one room).
  • Programmable time clock and temperature control, which intelligently calculates the best times to turn on to maximise benefit.
  • Retrofits existing wired heating controls.
  • Access via mobile device or PC to a smartphone app or web dashboard – wherever you have internet. Turn the heating on if you’re coming home early, or turn it off if you’ve gone out and left it running.
  • OWL heating controls include these features on every system.

OWL Intuition System

There are four products in the OWL heating controls ecosystem, each built to cater for different household needs (such as boiler type – combi or with a separate water tank – and whether or not the thermostat has to be wireless due to layout). All of the products make use of the Network OWL Gateway unit, which is a piece of smart tech that acts as a bridge, communicating wirelessly with the other devices and sensors in the system, as well as relaying information back-and-forth through the Intuition web dashboard. You can access this information and input control commands at any time through your smartphone or PC. To enable this powerful level of heating control, a wired ethernet connection to the system is required, so that the Network bridge can do its work and connect all of your devices. As part of the set-up process, an OWL account is created, which allows you to log into your Intuition dashboard and take full control of your heating system.

Save money on heating bills

One of the worst things about conventional heating systems is the inability to set different areas of your home to different temperatures at different times. This has led to countless households wasting money heating rooms that needn’t be warmed up, but this is a problem dealt with by the zone heating control made possible with OWL Intuition. The system can currently be set up to support 20 separate zones, allowing for an unprecedented level of heating control, with support for more zone sets to be added in the future. This, along with features such as the ability to intelligently set timings according to your routines, means the system is built to be energy-saving.

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