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2017 Was the UK’s Greenest Year, But We Still Have a Way To Go

According to figures from the National Grid, 2017 was our ‘greenest’ year (so far) for electricity generation. We reduced emissions faster than the majority of G7 countries, and for that we deserve a pat on the back.

That said, we still have a way to go. Our multi-billion-pound strategy to reduce carbon emissions and drive industrial growth is still falling short of the mark, unfortunately. Our climate-change targets, which are legally binding, must be met if we’re to affect real change for the future.

This comes from the Committee on Climate Change, which has warned that while developments have been made, progress is stalling and there still remains a long road ahead.

It’s not all bad news

All of the above said, our successes can’t be denied. We’ve increased green-energy consumption and have grown accustomed to new and environmentally friendly modes of living.

It’s also getting cheaper to look after the environment. A new economic study called ‘Beyond the Tipping Point’ shows that we’ve reached the point where renewables are now the cheapest source of new electrical energy generation.

So, it’s now a lot less expensive to generate energy from solar panels or wind turbines than it is from coal or gas plants. That’s a huge result for us, and it’ll go a long way in encouraging people to switch to solar.

Boosting the ‘green economy’

The growing affordability of renewable energy sources will surely result in more groups investing in renewable systems. Just last year, research from HSBC revealed that 68% of global investors intend to increase their investments into low-carbon related projects.

With more financial backing, we’re one step closer to replacing harmful energy with cleaner, renewable sources. This kind of investment reflects a trend for the future, where more and more institutions will invest in renewable energy because it’s conducive for stable jobs and a greener world for the future.

Be part of the movement

Solar energy is part of that future, and will continue to spearhead the growth of renewable energy. If you’re interested in solar panels for your property, get in touch. We’d love to talk you through your options.