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Social Energy Grid Trading

Social Energy is a new solar energy trading platform built on the concept of grid trading.

The platform bypasses the big energy firms and hands the power to you — the customer.

What Is Grid Trading?

Grid trading works by connecting customers’ solar energy storage batteries in a decentralised network — like a peer-to-peer network but for clean renewable energy.

Once connected to the network, households that generate renewable energy can buy or sell this 100% clean energy from others in the network or the grid when there is a requirement.

Alternatively, using their solar battery, customers with surplus renewable energy can simply save it for a more suitable time, such as during times of high wholesale energy prices.

Balancing Energy Generation And Consumption

Smart, automated grid trading across these micro-grids improves the balance of renewable energy generation and consumption — improving both efficiency and reducing wastage.

The energy trading platform wirelessly links all customers to create a power plant in the sky.

Gain Access To 100% Renewable Energy

Grid trading means avoiding getting domestic energy from the ‘big six’ energy companies who generate all electricity from traditional fossil fuels that are harming our planet.

Instead, 100% of the energy consumed via grid trading is carbon-free and renewable.

What Is Social Energy?

Once solar PV panel and battery customers are connected via Social Energy, automated artificial intelligence technology swaps, trades and sells the energy for optimum profit.

Social Energy is fully compliant with National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service, everything is done for you to get the best possible prices and provide maximum savings.

Social Energy provides over 600 million annual data points across 100 energy trades — with the AI system offering 95% prediction accuracy and up to 70% savings on electricity bills.

Use the smartphone app to view trades, track your savings and view your bill instantly.

Dynamic Frequency Response

Social Energy is the first platform to be compatible with the National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service, which provides second-by-second system changes.

This triggers the system when energy is required and how customers get paid for providing solar energy when it’s needed — such as when the grid is experiencing a shortage.

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