About Us

Social Energy has created an online energy community VPP. Bonding residential flexibility assets in partnership with globally leading manufacturing partners.

Our VPP is utilised within the dynamic grid services market to seamlessly balance the grid within a sub second response time whilst bringing revenue to our customers in a simple and easy offering.

Social Energy App

As energy costs spiral out of control by installing solar, energy storage and driving electric vehicles… the revolution has begun.

Social Energy are enabling that revolution by providing a platform that allows those homes to trade and swap energy, removing the need for traditional utilities, putting the power back in the hands of the people and in the process reducing their energy bills by up to 90%.

Social Energy Hub

Electricity is a commodity capable of being bought, sold and traded on multiple markets for a multitude of purposes. Our Social Energy Hub can forecast these markets 24 hours in advance using artificial energy intelligent software. We then automatically manage your energy position to take maximum advantage. In simple terms, the Hub buys energy when demand is not matching supply, places it in your storage device and sells when optimum….

All within a split second. She actually does this 100,000 times a year per customer. The earnings from trading your energy are then credited to your bill.

Simple, instant and automatic

Powering your home with Social Energy is no different than with a traditional utility apart from your vastly reduced bill.

Its so simple….Once registered you don’t need to do a thing apart from sit back and watch your energy trades.