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How To Get Social Energy And Start Grid Trading


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How To Get Social Energy And Start Grid Trading

Social Energy is a new solar energy trading platform for solar PV and battery customers. 

Learn how to get Social Energy and start trading — saving up to 70% on your electricity bills.  

What is Social Energy?

Social Energy combines AI, storage and solar PV so that consumers can swap and trade their solar energy to earn money and make savings while using only 100% renewable energy. 

The platform, which is just like a peer to peer network but for renewable energy, capitalises on continual market fluctuations and understands when to store or export solar energy. 

The equipment is completely automated and will export energy to the grid when it is required or will store it for later usage when it knows using grid energy is more expensive. 

It is the first platform to utilise National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service, with the platform rebalancing rapid changes in supply and demand, reducing overall energy wastage.

How To Get Social Energy

Arrange an appointment and an accredited assessor will visit your home to take a survey.

The survey determines the solar equipment required and a suitable package for you. 

As well as solar PV panels and the correct storage battery (Social Energy utilises Duracell’s 3.3kw storage batteries) each customer must have a smart meter installed to get started. 

Once all solar installations have been approved, the Social Energy team will install a Smart Hub. This connects to the network and so that stored energy to be exported and traded. 

Once the approved solar equipment is set up it takes 28 days to connect and trading to start.

What Is Grid Trading?

Grid trading allows customers to choose what to do with their energy — whether they use immediately it at home, store it for later, export to the grid or sell to other customers. 

Through Social Energy, a solar battery communicates with and sends usage data to the grid, while the artificial intelligence software continually learning about your energy usage habits. 

Being able to trade directly with other customers through a decentralised grid reduces the reliance on the big six energy companies and creates a complete reliance on renewable energy. 

Automation And Complete Control 

The Social Energy smartphone app provides complete control from the palm of your hands from anywhere in the world. View bills instantly and track bills over millions of data points.

Social Energy offers over 600 million annual data points and 95% trade prediction accuracy. 

Social Energy: Powered To You 

Enquire today and arrange a home assessment and survey from an accredited assessor.