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Solar Panels

As we work to offset the impact of fossil fuels on our environment, Project Solar is encouraging Southampton homes and businesses to switch to solar power: it’s the ultimate solution for a happier, healthier planet. We use the best photovoltaic technology to ensure our products operate with the highest level of efficiency. Not only will our solar panels allow you to live more sustainably, but you can supplement grid-generated electricity with green power! Join the thousands of properties that have already switched to solar, and take us one step closer to a brighter future.

Residential Solar Panels in Southampton

Do you want to keep your home running with reliable, renewable, green energy generation? Project Solar can come to your home in Southampton and install our first-rate products on your property. 

Renewable energy

Solar panels are the perfect first step for property owners interested in green energy. These practical panels use radiation from the sun to generate electricity. As they’re powered by a consistent source, it sets them apart from limited and polluting fossil fuels.

Residential solar panels offer homeowners a cost-effective way to support their grid-generated electricity with an entirely renewable source! 

Increased property value

Homes with solar panel installation are more appealing to prospective buyers and may increase the value of your property. 

Not only will you start generating green electricity from the moment of activation, but solar panels offer long-term benefits in the event you decide to sell your property.

Commercial Solar Panels in Cambridge

Solar panels aren’t just beneficial for homes, but they provide financial and environmental benefits for businesses in Cambridge. Don’t wait any longer! Discover how we can help your company today.

Environmental impact

By investing in solar energy, businesses can play a crucial role in the global transition to renewable resources. Businesses of all sizes can drive down their annual CO2 emissions, shrink their carbon footprint and increase support for a sustainable future.

Durability and low maintenance

Solar panels are known for their long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements. Project Solar panels are the ultimate, reliable and cost-effective energy solution for businesses. 

With warranties often covering 25 years or more, our commercial solar panels promise a long-term energy solution with very little upkeep. 

The Benefits of Project Solar for Southampton!

Southampton is currently not ranked on our top 10 greenest UK cities leaderboard: with more commercial and residential solar installations, this can change! 

If you want to reap all the fantastic benefits of solar power, help reduce your bills, and give back to the planet, contact us today to arrange your solar panel installation.



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