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Solar Panels

At Project Solar, it’s our mission to make solar technology more accessible to homes and businesses around the country. As of 2024, around 78% of the energy used in the UK comes from fossil fuels: we’re on a mission to change that. That’s why more and more residents across the UK are switching to Project Solar for reliable commercial and residential solar panels. If you’re a Norwich resident, join us as we step towards a greener future.

Residential Solar Panels in Norwich

Make a more eco-friendly home with Project Solar. With our unbeatable solar panel installations, you can supplement your grid-generated energy with electricity generated from natural resources. We only use top-quality products, ensuring you will receive a service that is no less than outstanding.

The Advantages of Solar Panels For Residential Purposes

Low operating costs

Once your new solar panels have been installed, they are incredibly easy to maintain. With low maintenance and operating costs, you don’t have to worry about expensive hidden fees. Book an annual check with a certified solar panel cleaning company to ensure your panels are in good working order.

Fast installation

At Project Solar, we’re all about making your switch to solar energy as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our team of installation experts works efficiently to get your new solar panel system up and running quickly, ensuring you start enjoying the benefits of our cutting-edge technology right from the get-go.

Commercial Solar Panels in Norwich

Solar panels are an attractive additional investment for commercial businesses. Read on to discover how solar panels can up-level your business.

The Advantages of Solar Panels for Commercial Purposes

Reduced Carbon Footprint

For commercial properties, the benefits of installing rooftop solar panels are manifold. They include reduced energy costs by generating electricity on-site, reduced carbon emissions by utilising clean, renewable energy, and potentially increased property values due to the property’s enhanced sustainability profile. Making the transition to solar power for commercial properties not only aids in reducing operational costs and carbon footprint but also significantly contributes to a business’s long-term sustainability goals.

Environmental Brand Image

Businesses that adopt solar energy are seen as leaders in corporate social responsibility, which can enhance customer loyalty. Installing solar panels can showcase your company’s commitment to sustainability, and this commitment is increasingly important to consumers, partners, and stakeholders who are becoming environmentally conscious.

Benefits of Project Solar for Your City

Norwich isn’t currently ranked on our top greenest UK cities leaderboard, meaning there aren’t enough residential and commercial properties choosing solar energy! 

To see the change, you have to be the change, and by choosing Project Solar, you are taking us one step closer to achieving our mission of making the world a more sustainable place.

Help us help you, and contact us today to get your solar panels installed.



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