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Solar Panels

Solar energy is one of the leading, most sustainable sources available. So, if you’re a home or business owner in Leicester, you may want to consider incorporating solar panels into your property. At Project Solar, we want to help our customers be eco-conscious, all while saving the planet. With the sun as our main energy source, we’ll never run out of power! So, join the millions of UK citizens who have already made the switch to green energy with Project Solar.

Residential Solar Panels for Homes in Leicester

As the cost of living crisis continues, we know how challenging it can be to live an Earth-friendly lifestyle while doing your part for the planet. Our products will make that task easier. Our mission is to create sustainable, affordable solar panels for residential properties in Leicester and beyond. Find out the benefits of joining us!

The Advantages of Solar Panels for Your Home

Reduced carbon footprint

Solar panels provide a green alternative to fossil fuels by utilising sunlight, a clean energy source. Modern solar panels are more efficient than ever! The industry is continually innovating. Today, UK homeowners can purchase panels that have higher energy outputs and lower carbon footprints from production to disposal. By installing solar panels, you can reduce the overall carbon emissions associated with home energy use.

Fast installation

Project Solar prides itself on the efficiency and expertise of our installation team. We’ll set up your new solar panel system with minimal disruption to your daily life, meaning you can benefit from our state-of-the-art technology from the moment of activation.

Commercial Solar Panels for Businesses in Leicester

No matter the size of your business, Project Solar promises to make your daily operations more environmentally friendly. Take a look at the benefits of choosing solar power for your company today.

The Advantages of Solar Panels for Commercial Purposes.

Environmental Brand Image

Choosing solar energy will brand your business as sustainable and environmentally aware. Encourage like-minded customers and potential investors to work with a company that values the Earth and its resources.

Low Maintenance and Long Lifespan

With the low maintenance and long lifespan of our solar panels, you’ll have one less thing to worry about! Our solar panels come with outstanding warranties to ensure you get the most out of this long-term investment in green technology.

Benefits of Project Solar for Your City

Leicester is currently ranked twelve in our top greenest UK cities leaderboard. While this shows good progress in the contribution towards eco-living in Leicester, more must be done to combat pollution in the UK. By switching to solar energy, you are helping your family live more sustainably and paving the way to a safer planet for the next generation.

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