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Solar Panels

Around 78% of the energy used in the UK comes from fossil fuels.

At Project Solar, our mission is to drastically decrease this number by encouraging the uptake of photovoltaic solar panels. The more properties using solar power, the quicker we can reach the UK government’s net zero emissions goal.

No matter the energy requirements of your home or office, we can help design a solar panel system that is right for you. With over 45,000 solar panels installed by us across the UK, help us increase this number and make your contribution to a greener future in Cambridge.

Residential Solar Panels in Cambridge

Now, more than ever, UK residents are looking for long-term solutions to ease the cost of living crisis. The cost of electricity has surged by 45% in 2022, and although the current energy price cap is stabilising costs, this is subject to change.

Solar panels are the way forward. Read on to discover what we can do for you.

Sustainable Energy Source

Solar panels emit no greenhouse gases, making a substantial reduction in carbon footprint achievable for homes across Cambridge.

Some critical processes, like the production of steel, plastics and cement, cannot be completed with non-carbon sources. As such, using solar panels conserves finite fossil fuels by tapping into the sun’s natural and renewable energy.

Low maintenance

Solar panels offer a host of financial and practical advantages for UK homeowners.

Designed to last decades with minimal maintenance, solar panels only require occasional cleaning and professional service checks every few years to ensure optimal performance.

Regular visual inspections and the removal of potential obstructions (e.g., overhanging branches or debris) are simple steps homeowners can take to maintain their panels.

Commercial Solar Panels in Cambridge

If you operate a business in Cambridge, it’s time to do your part for the planet. Supplementing your energy intake with solar power is an excellent way to make a difference, no matter the size of your PV system. 


One of the key features of solar panel systems is their scalability. 

You can easily add more panels to your existing setup, providing a flexible approach to increasing your energy generation capacity. Additionally, solar panels are known for their low maintenance requirements. 

They typically need just occasional cleaning and ensuring they are free from shade. 

Enhanced Brand Image

With a universal focus on sustainability, more and more businesses in Cambridge are making the switch. Don’t be left behind: join them! 

To increase your customer base, switch to solar panels to brand your business as eco-friendly. You won’t just be saving costs on energy bills, but you’ll be increasing your profit with more like-minded, eco-conscious consumers. 

Why choose Project Solar in Cambridge?

Currently, the city of Cambridge does not place on our Top Greenest UK Cities Leaderboard. With a stark lack of residential and commercial solar installations, Cambridge residents can play their part by investing in our solar technology. 

To see the change, you have to be the change. By choosing Project Solar, you take us one step closer to our 2050 net zero emissions goal. Start your journey towards a greener future with us, and get in touch today.



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