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The Green Week Countdown


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The Green Week Countdown

This summer sees the return of Green Week. In anticipation, we’re looking ahead to what the event is and how you can get ready. 


What is Green Week? 

Green GB & NI Week, also referred to as Green Great Britain Week and sometimes simply Green Week, is an initiative set up by the UK government to demonstrate and celebrate the country’s commitment to hitting its green goals, which are among the most ambitious in the world. 

According to the government, “Green GB & NI is a campaign and week when government, businesses, academia and civil society come together to explore how clean growth will change our futures and how we can contribute to action on climate change.”

“Green GB & NI week will highlight the opportunities, benefits and challenges of reducing our emissions to net zero, ending the UK’s contribution to climate change, and growing our low carbon economy.”

Last year, more than 100 events took place, ranging from European launch events to small scale webinars, while some 600 businesses got involved by using the #GreenGB hashtag and more than 60 pledges, to cut emissions while continuing to grow the economy, were made by brands including John Lewis, HSBC and Amazon. 


What can you do for Green Week?

It’s really simple for individuals and businesses to get involved with Green Week, either by making a pledge stating your commitment to the UK’s climate goals, or by attending one of the many events that will be taking place around the country. You could even organise your own event locally – there’s free branding and tools online that you can use to promote it. 


Top tips to get ready for Green Great Britain Week 

To tie in with Green GB & NI Week, the government put together several key pieces of advice for how individuals and households can support both the event and the country’s wider goals around green energy and sustainability. 

  • Properly insulate your home (eg. get it ready for winter) 
  • Upgrade your heating controls
  • Get a smart meter
  • Turn off appliances and reduce your energy use
  • Understand where your pension is invested
  • Walk or cycle on short journeys
  • Test drive an electric vehicle
  • Avoid food waste 
  • Recycle more
  • Use a reusable coffee cup, water bottle and shopping bag


Businesses are also being advised that they can help too by preventing waste, cutting energy use and making improvements to buildings and fleet vehicles, among other things. So pass on the word at work too! 

We’ll be posting more about Green Great Britain Week in the run-up to this year’s event, so stay tuned to the blog for more.