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Solar Energy Update: What You Need To Know

Social Energy is a revolutionary new energy trading platform for solar PV panel and battery storage customers, which connects households to each other and the National Grid network.  

By connecting directly to the grid and with each other, customers cut out the ‘big six’ energy companies. Social Energy is like a peer to peer network but for only clean, renewable energy.

By storing, exporting and trading energy, customers reduce reliance on electricity from the grid, with Social Energy helping cut down on energy usage and minimising energy wastage. 

Learn more about how Social Energy works or read about tariffs and energy trading below. 

Social Energy Tariffs

Social Energy utilises dynamic AI software to help customers make maximum savings.

The platform provides customers with fluctuating tariff rates and the ability to sell stored solar energy to the grid when it is required — such as when there’s a network shortage. 

The battery can also charge from the grid when prices are low. This energy can then be stored for later use, such as when energy prices are high and it isn’t economical to import it. 

Social Energy is the first platform to use National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service. 

How Grid Trading Provides New Opportunities 

Trading energy through the Social Energy network, which uses a grid-sharing model, provides customers with plenty of unique opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get. 

Completely Cutting Out Fossil Fuels 

For instance, with PV solar panels, an approved solar battery and a connection to the network, it’s possible to rely only on clean, renewable energy and cut out fossil fuels.

Future-Proofing Against Unpredictable Energy Costs 

And because the big energy companies are cut out, a Social Energy connection future-proofs homes against unpredictable — and possible rising — energy costs over the long-term. 

Protected Against Power Cuts 

The storage capacity of solar batteries also provides a guarantee should there be power cuts in the local grid network, whereas other non-connected homes will likely suffer blackouts. 

Approved Batteries 

Social Energy works in conjunction with Duracell Home Energy Storage and utilises domestic 3.3kw batteries — the only storage batteries that work on the network’s virtual power plant

Smartphone App 

The Social Energy smartphone app provides complete control from the palm of your hands from anywhere in the world. View bills instantly and track bills over millions of data points.

Social Energy offers over 600 million annual data points and 95% trade prediction accuracy. 

Social Energy: Powered To You 

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