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Social Energy: Five Things You Need To Know

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Social Energy: Five Things You Need To Know

Social Energy is a domestic energy trading platform that’s revolutionising home energy.

The platform connects the solar PV panels and batteries of Social Energy customers, who can either store energy for later usage, trade it with other customers or sell to the grid for profit.

Learn all about this groundbreaking AI powered solar energy storage and trading platform. 

1.The Platform Utilises Duracell’s Domestic Storage

Domestic storage is central to the Social Energy platform, with Duracell storage batteries, developed in conjunction with manufacturer BYD, able to predict energy usage patterns. 

The platform utilises Duracell domestic 3.3kw batteries for storing energy generated through PV solar panels. It also stores energy imported from the grid or from other Social Energy customers.  

This smart functionality either stores energy or draws it from the grid when required through what’s known as grid-trading, with AI central to the way the system works. 

2.Customers Can Rely On 100% Clean Energy

The platform, which is similar to a peer-to-peer network but for renewable energy, cuts out the ‘Big Six’ energy companies, who generate the electricity they distribute using fossil fuels. 

This means customers can reduce their carbon footprints by relying solely on the solar energy they produce or the energy produced via other customers and traded via the network. 

This is welcome news at a time when the UK has promised to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 — and is ideal for households considering their carbon footprint.

3.The Automated Trading Platform Provides 95% Trading Accuracy 

All energy selling and trading is automated using the platform’s smart AI system, which understands when to store, trade or sell energy — cutting wastage and maximising profit. 

This smart trading platform, which anticipates energy generation and usage, is 95% accurate. 

This means energy can be used or stored if needed, or drawn by the Social Energy network.

Alternatively, the storage battery has the ability to charge from the grid when prices are low. 

4.The Grid-Trading Network Provides Recurring Revenue

Customers can generate their own energy or store it for when grid prices are high, helping them save money on domestic electricity bills at a time of unpredictable energy prices. 

Alternatively, regularly selling energy to the grid when it’s required provides an additional, recurring income. Social Energy are offering rates per unit lower than the current ‘Big Six.’

Social Energy is a long-term investment that reduces reliance on suppliers and prevents wastage. 

5.Smartphone App Provides Complete Control

Using the Social Energy smartphone app, users can monitor millions of up-to-date data touch points from anywhere in the world to maximise their investment and savings 

Customers can monitor energy usage, exports and trades from the palms of their hands.

Social Energy Explained: Understanding The Grid Trading Revolution 

Our infographic below outlines the key features and benefits of this groundbreaking AI powered platform which helps customers save as much as 70% on domestic energy bills.


Social Energy: Powered To You 

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