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Five Reasons Why Social Energy Is The Future

Social Energy is an energy trading and selling platform for solar PV and battery customers.

Customers can swap and trade their energy with other network customers, or sell to the National Grid, with artificial intelligence and automation ensuring the best possible price. 

At Project Solar, we think Social Energy is the future, and there are five big reasons why:

It Delivers Up To 70% Cheaper Utility Bills 

Social Energy, a startup formed in 2018 in collaboration with Duracell Home Energy Storage, uses a dynamic AI platform to monitor and predict its customer’s energy requirements. 

This allows customers to use energy already stored in a solar storage battery rather than drawing from the grid — even saving customers as much as 70% on their usual utility bills. 

Customers can also sell energy to the National Grid when it is required for the best possible price, generating a further income, or swap and trade with other customers via grid-trading.

Reduces Reliance On Big Energy Companies

The decentralised model puts the power in the hands of the people rather than the big energy companies, using an interconnected virtual power plant (VPP) model to cut out the ‘big six’.

All trading is done digitally via a smartphone app which offers control from anywhere, while it can be automated to buy and sell power when required, all without having to touch a button.

A customer can generate solar power themselves and store it using a Duracell battery, before using it when required to power their home — or sell to the grid for an extra income.

Think about it, what’s not to love with this extra — and almost complete — level of control? Learn more here.

Reduced Energy Wastage and Carbon Footprint 

Social Energy puts a stop to energy wastage by ensuring it’s stored, sold or swapped when necessary, plus the fact that it’s all renewable power generated by domestic solar panels.

It’s predicted that users can save 297 kg in C02 emissions each year, totalling on average, around £226 in savings.

Shrinking our reliance on fossil fuels and our individual carbon footprints has a huge effect on the environment, which is something, if we aren’t already, that we should all be thinking about.

The Power Is In The Customer’s Hands

Literally. With the Social Energy smartphone app users can monitor their energy usage and get continual live updates — with a predicted 600 million yearly data points across all users. 

Helping The Nation Meet Renewable Energy Targets 

The UK has set decarbonisation targets in a bid to meet wider targets set out in the Paris Agreement, and is currently aiming for a fossil fuel emission reduction of least 80% by 2050 (compared to 1990).

The government’s plans to ban gas heating in all new build homes by 2025 has also increased the importance of renewables, including solar PV panels and storage batteries. 

Social Energy, therefore at the heart of this green revolution, and is the future of UK energy.

Go Solar Today And Join The Renewable Revolution 

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