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What is Social Energy?

Social Energy is a smart energy trading network for solar PV and battery storage customers.

Customers can swap and trade their solar energy with other network customers, or sell to the National Grid, while utilising revolutionary features to maximise earnings and savings.


How Does Social Energy Work?

Energy Swapping

The decentralised system wirelessly connects solar PV and battery storage, with the dynamic grid-trading platform allowing customers to buy and sell electricity on the wholesale market.

Customers can send energy between each other and reduce reliance on big energy suppliers.

Selling Energy To The Grid

When required, the National Grid pays solar customers for the electricity they generate.

The network continually reacts to changes in the grid’s frequency to find the fastest possible power, with domestic systems automatically sending it to the grid for only the best prices.

Customers must have a Duracell domestic battery, which are approved by Social Energy.

Multiple Trading Opportunities

The artificial intelligence-powered Social Energy Hub predicts energy usage patterns and understands the optimum time to draw energy from or send energy to the grid, while allowing multiple trading opportunities.

The system works 24-hours in advance, to help customers use it to maximum advantage.

Even more impressively, it makes over 100,000 yearly readings, so it knows when to buy energy, such as when demand isn’t matching supply, and when to store energy to sell later.

Balancing Usage And Minimizing Waste

The rise of renewables and battery storage has created a demand for smarter energy usage, with properties part of Social Energy able to react quickly to their own energy requirements.

The AI system predicts home energy patterns so that customers can use their self-generated solar electricity before taking any from the grid, minimising any solar energy wastage.

Like Playing The London Stock Exchange

Think of it like playing the London Stock Exchange, except everything is automated, and with energy being traded with the National Grid and other Social Energy customers.

The All-In-One App

The all-in-one Social Energy app provides a full oversight of energy usage, selling and trading, showing a live status of all the big data touch points it collects as they happen.

The best thing (apart from the savings) is that once the system is up and running, you don’t have to do anything — just kick back and keep an eye on your energy trading via the app.

An Energy Community

Social Energy’s cloud-based grid-trading model is more than just a network where electricity is bought, sold and traded. It’s a growing, exciting and first-of-its-kind energy community.

Fully Licensed by Ofgem

Social Energy, launched in 2018, is licensed by Ofgem, and is the first Home Energy Trading solution that’s fully compliant with the National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service.

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