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Solar Panels

With each installation, Project Solar inches closer to our dream of a more sustainable future. This dream would be impossible without you. Help us help you live a happier life by applying for your new commercial or residential solar panels in Bristol. At Project Solar, we want to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your property’s energy efficiency.

Solar Panels for Residential Use in Bristol

Solar panels have become quite popular over the years as an alternative to grid-dependent energy, and we’ve seen consumers reap the rewards of installing solar panels over and over again.

Take a look at the fantastic benefits switching to solar energy can have for you.

Low Maintenance Running Costs

Solar panels require little maintenance and occasional checks by a professional to ensure everything is running smoothly.

As they’re made from durable materials, the likelihood of wear and tear is lessened. Plus, they’re designed to withstand all the UK’s various weather conditions, like heavy rain, wind and snow.

Sustainable Energy

By shifting to solar power, you’re contributing to global CO2 reduction efforts. Limiting the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is crucial to halting the damaging effects of global warming.

Non-renewable sources, like coal, natural gas, and oil, have limited availability and are, therefore, unsustainable. Solar energy converts sunlight (a renewable form of energy) into electricity and helps minimise the harmful environmental impact of fossil fuels.

Solar Panels for Commercial Use in Bristol

Leave behind outdated company strategies and upgrade to solar panels for your business in Bristol.

They’re a smart long-term investment for any industry sector, whether you’re in hospitality, administration or healthcare. Not only will your daily operations produce a lower carbon footprint, but you can feel good about your contributions to the environment.

Enhanced Brand Image

Becoming a clean, green company can attract like-minded customers who are inspired by your commitment to solar energy. Invest in Project Solar’s state-of-the-art solar panels and begin to draw in a wider audience of socially conscious consumers and investors.


Solar power has various applications: take Project Cürv’s heating and hot water with infrared heating panels, for example. Capable of supplying a room with instant, direct warmth, you can generate solar-powered heat to keep your company warm.

Then, there’s Project EV’s electric charging vehicle points, perfect for climate-conscious employees looking for a safe space to charge their vehicle. Combine this with Project Solar’s panels, and your business will run smoother than ever!

Why Choose Project Solar in Bristol?

Bristol is currently ranked number two on our Top “Greenest” UK cities leaderboard! As one of the leading cities for sustainable energy, Bristol can maintain this status by encouraging more homes and companies to turn towards solar energy. By incorporating clean energy solutions into properties, we can work together to better our planet.



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