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Solar Panels

Project Solar is the UK’s largest and most accredited solar panel company. With over 45,000 solar panels and batteries installed, we have helped thousands of homes and businesses in the UK switch to a more eco-friendly and affordable energy source. You could be next. Take a look at the services we offer and secure your installation in Brighton.

Residential Solar Panels for Homes in Brighton

Are you ready to live sustainably? Join our loyal customers and upgrade your home with our excellent range of solar panels.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy systems, tapping into the endless solar power, efficiently transform sunlight into electrical energy. They’re becoming increasingly vital to powering UK homes and present an alternative to the limited and environmentally harmful nature of fossil fuels.

Reduced carbon footprint

The renewable nature of residential PV systems means that homes with solar panels contribute significantly less to greenhouse gas emissions. Converting sunlight into electricity does not involve burning fossil fuels, thereby eliminating CO2 emissions and the release of harmful pollutants. Homeowners will not only be able to supplement their grid-generated energy with green power, but they can also contribute to the broader effort of combating climate change.

Commercial Solar Panels for Businesses in Brighton

Do you find yourself struggling to handle the financial obligations that come with owning a business? Is your company looking for a sustainable alternative to energy consumption? Project Solar has got you covered. Find out how solar energy can benefit your business today.

The Advantages of Solar Panels for Commercial Purposes

Low Maintenance and Long Lifespan

Choosing solar to support your business is sure to have a positive impact. With their low-maintenance upkeep and long lifespan, solar panels will give you one less thing to worry about.


Businesses embracing sustainable methods can take pride in their commitment. Adopting environmental initiatives can attract a broader audience passionate about Earth’s welfare. Build an admirable corporate reputation, highlight the advantages of eco-conscious operations in your company’s philosophy, and motivate consumers to choose your brand for their needs.

Why choose Project Solar in Brighton?

Brighton currently ranks 14th in our Top “Greenest” UK cities leaderboard. If more residents and businesses switch to solar, Brighton may be able to rise through the ranks and become one of the greenest UK cities. All properties, big and small, should come together to help meet the UK’s 2050 net zero emissions target. Help us help you, and contact us today for solar panel installation.



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