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Renewable Energy Predictions for 2019


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Renewable Energy Predictions for 2019

2019 is well and truly upon us and there’s also a lot happening in the energy world. We’ve put together our top predictions for the renewable energy sector this year.

1. Going Green

It’s no secret that big companies know their reputation will increasingly be affected by their sustainability efforts, which is why 2019 is going to be all about bottom-line renewable energy.

73% of millenials are willing to spend more on a product if it’s from a sustainable brand that cares about renewable energy. This percentage is set to grow in 2019 and will be passed on to the next generation – Gen Z. Brands and businesses that recognise this are making their renewable energy and going-green plans part of their USPs – and no, we’re not just talking about Greggs and their vegan sausage roll here.

If you’re a brand looking to make your green mark, then take a look at our list of products and how they can help you stay on top of the going green game.

2. Showing Off Solar

Despite Europe’s solar trade body saying the UK had the slowest growth of the world’s top 20 solar markets, solar is still on the way up. Specifically within property-management industries, solar energy is predicted to become the showcase of new homes.

The property market is more competitive than ever with property managers including more perks within their properties such as smart speakers, no deposits, and even giving tenants a free month’s rent to get them to sign on the dotted line.

Forget those small perks, though – the perk of the year is solar! Developing renewable properties is set to be the new trend to put buildings ahead of the competition. We couldn’t be more excited because there’s so many benefits to using solar powered products and we can’t wait for property managers to start showing them off.

3. Falling Costs

Cost of renewable energy – and its storage – will fall in 2019. This decline in costs has already started to impact global investment in the power-generation industry and will continue to influence spending this year.

Wind and solar power are now at what is known as grid parity – this basically means they’re generating power at a cost and performance level equal to or less than electricity generated by conventional methods. This highlights how solar and wind are well on their way to efficiency and the cost-effectiveness, making them an increasingly viable choice of energy production. Falling costs and rising benefits mean we’ll see renewable energy sources become a preferred way of harnessing energy in 2019.

4. Venue Shift

As with brands, in our first prediction, large arenas and commercial buildings are making the move towards green energy. Many have already done so – MGM Resorts have agreed to build a 360,000-panel solar array. This sizeable project will give MGM nearly a third of the total power they need to run their resorts.

Arsenal Football Club have followed in MGM’s footsteps by installing a clean-energy battery system at their Emirates Stadium. This will provide the London team with enough green energy to power the stadium through an entire game.

Venues such as stadiums, arenas, and theme parks are likely to board the green-energy train in 2019. So, if you attend a concert or football match this year, keep an eye out because the flashing lights will probably be running off renewable energy.

5. Microgrids Collaborate with Artificial Intelligence

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking AI (Artificial Intelligence) is more notoriously known for its antics in industries like marketing and ecommerce, but this new tech is changing the way we use renewable energy in 2019.

AI has been working with microgrid controllers to develop the improvement and adaptation of energy operation. The use of microgrids has become significant, taking centre-stage in 2019. Microgrids have the key benefits of being able to reduce the time and therefore energy that it takes to produce products. For example, tech company Xendee are working with Worley Parsons Group to reduce the time and costs of making turnkeys by 90%.

All Set For 2019

There you have it – the top renewable energy predictions for this year. If you’re after some more breaking news in the smart home and energy sector then click here to view our blog. If you have any 2019 predictions yourself, be sure to let us know on Facebook or Twitter.