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Please note, this is not an eligibility test. There may be other factors involved in determining whether or not you qualify for the Feed In Tariff

“We can help you
access government
solar income incentives
for 20 years through
the feed in and
export tariff”

  • Most Homeowners can take advantage. Funding options available**
  • Typically receive around 18k**with Government help and savings on your energy costs

* We would love to help you understand whether you could qualify for the Government's Feed-In-Tariff and Export Tariff. We may be able to help on other energy saving ideas too. If you like what you hear, fantastic, however there is no obligation on you whatsoever. We can also discuss funding options should that be relevant.

** This figure may be significantly higher or lower depending on the future rate of inflation and changes in electricity prices. Please note you do still have to pay for your solar system.

We’re here to help

Project Solar UK Ltd provides free, no-obligation solar advice to help you take advantage of tax free incentives.

We have had over 90,000 applicants and we have helped some of these people find the right solar funding option in the
the smart way to use government backed* income and energy savings to cover the cost of solar panel system installation.

*For the avoidance of doubt, this scheme is available to everybody who meets the criteria and you do not have to use Project Solar UK to access these Feed In and Export Tariff income and incentives.

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Why renewable solar energy?

Project Solar UK provide free, no-obligation solar advice to help you take advantage of tax-free incentives.

With Government backed* feed-in-tariffs, the cost for solar panels is now more affordable than ever. Having solar panels fitted on your home is now a simple, easy and hassle-free process. Because of the easy installations, solar panels are a now a viable renewable energy option for many homeowners. *For the avoidance of doubt, this scheme is available to everybody who meets the criteria and you do not have to use Project Solar UK to access these Feed In and Export Tariff income and incentives.

Not only can you get paid for the electricity that your solar panels produce, you can benefit from free energy for the life of the system. You'll gain income from the feed-in-tariff for all of the power you generate, while also earning a profit on the energy you don't use by exporting it back into the national grid. Because PV solar panels only require UV light to work to their optimum, only daylight, not sunshine, is needed to start generating energy. Export is deemed to be 50% of the total generation from your solar system, unless a smart meter is installed and then this will be exactly measured.

What’s more, they are virtually maintenance free and come with a lifetime product and performance warranty (25 year on SunPower, and lifetime warranty on Evo module range and other selected products) meaning you're safe in the knowledge you’ve invested in a product that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with Project Solar UK Ltd today for free,
no-obligation expert advice on how to make the most of solar.

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Funding Option

Option 1

Purchase the solar system for cash or borrow from your choice of lender.

Option 2

Apply for a loan from our preferred partner, Shawbrook Bank.

Representative example – Cash price £8600; no deposit; interest rate of 9.5% per annum variable (fixed for first 60 months); total charge for credit £7565.80, total amount repayable = £16,165.80. 180 monthly instalments of £89.81. Representative APR 9.9% – subject to status.

Please note, Project Solar UK Ltd receive no finance or other commissions from Shawbrook Bank.

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We promote solar systems as self funding and by this we mean they are self funding over time. The system will have paid for itself at some point and then generate income and more savings thereafter; if a system was purchased with our finance option then naturally it will take a little longer to pay for itself.

If you choose to pay using our finance option then the income generated via the generation and export tariffs may not fully cover the finance repayments earlier on in the loan period. However, once you purchase a solar system you have an asset which will generate you income and save on your electricity spend for many years to come. This value can be approximated at any point by estimating the value of future cash flows and savings and we will be only too pleased to help you with this in the future if you so require.

If you do want to sell your house in the future your solar system may have a material value that you could be able to realise separately; much in the same way as you would if you sold any other household item that would not be typically included in the house sale. The exact value will depend on how much of the original cost you have paid (if you purchased using a finance option), how many years tariffs you could still collect and the exact tariffs you have registered for.

How it works in three easy steps:

  • Qualify for the scheme

    Submit your application by completing the simple form above

  • Receive a FREE no
    obligation call

    We will arrange one of our Solar experts to explain the options you have

  • Book your FREE
    home survey

    Once your application has been successful and your home is suitable we will install your panels

How the incentives work

  • Feed-in tariff (FIT)

    You get paid for 100% of the energy that you produce from your solar panels. This is index linked to RPI and is a tax free quarterly payment from your electricity provider directly to your bank. Payments can vary due to a number of different factors, however the amount of generation is measured on a meter in the home.

  • Export Tariff

    This is the energy that you sell back to your energy provider (try to use as much as you can!).

  • Reduced Energy Bills

    You will save money by not using your energy company and using the free, clean energy being produced by your solar system. The benefits are a huge saving against the current unit price per KWh.

    We work out your savings and potential earnings using a combination of all 3 of these factors over the next 20 years for the FIT and export tariffs and 30 years for your potential savings on energy. If you have any questions, one of our experts will be happy to help.