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Tigo Optimizer
The super smart Tigo inverter

Meet the Tigo Optimizer

The Tigo Optimizer is a huge breakthrough in the optimization of solar PV systems, allowing for better energy production on difficult roofs, as well as reduced system costs. If you’re dealing with challenges such as roof shading or panel shutdown, this futureproof, highly compatible piece of kit is an essential purchase, with few other options on the market able to offer its combination of smart, efficient tech, reliability and value. The Tigo Optimizer is the most cost-effective way of adding functionality to your solar set-up and delivers unrivalled performance.

How does it work?

In the past, if you wanted to add optimizers to your solar system, you had to install them on every one of your PV modules – even ones exposed to lots of sun that didn’t need optimizing. The Tigo Optimizer does away with this need, meaning for the first time ever you can attach optimizers only to those modules which require them, for example, those in shady areas of your roof. This vastly reduces the investment and installation costs needed for an optimised PV set-up. Essentially, you get better energy yields at lower costs – simple as that. Additional functionality can be added to other panels and modules in your system, for monitoring purposes, as Tigo also has a diagnostic version of their optimizer without the tech to adjust panel performance. Again, this cuts out unnecessary extra costs for you.

Tigo Inverter

The smart optimiser

Key features

  • Provides up to 36% more energy than conventional solar systems
  • Easily upgradeable at any time using the Tigo optimizer modular system
  • Futureproof – smart system will ensure maximum energy production even after shading issues have arisen e.g. trees, buildings and panel wear and tear
  • Reduce unnecessary cost by optimising shaded panels only
  • The Tigo inverter comes with a 25-year warranty

25-Year Warranty

Maximise your roof’s potential

The Tigo Optimizer combines the highest quality technology with the best efficiency, delivering exceptional reliability and performance. This works brilliantly with our SolarX inverter (Tigo equipment is compatible with a wide range of other products). The ‘Go Anywhere’ smart modules mean you’ll never have to worry about shading or roof obstacles again – it’s a completely futureproof solar system. The smart modules will ensure you get the maximum energy from your PV system year on year. It’s for this reason the Tigo Optimizer has the fastest payback in the market today.

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