About The Inverter

The Smart Optimiser brought to you by Project Solar & Tigo, can give you up to 36% more energy than conventional solar systems:

  • Energy – up to 36% more energy than conventional Solar Systems
  • Easily upgradeable at any time using the Tigo modular system
  • Future proof – smart system will ensure maximum energy production even after shading issues have arisen e.g. Trees, buildings and panel wear & tear
  • Reduce unnecessary cost by optimising shaded panels only
  • Warranty – 25 years

Maximise your roofs potential with the Tigo smart optimised module:

  • Highest quality module with the best efficiency, delivering the highest-reliability and performance
  • Works brilliantly with our SolarX inverter
  • The ‘Go Anywhere’ smart modules mean you’ll never have to worry about shading or roof obstacles again!
  • Smart modules will ensure you get the maximum energy from your PV system year on year
  • Fastest payback in the market today