Giving your customer more

New for 2017 – Ultra high definition core technology
Delivers superior performance resulting in higher energy harvest with optimised efficiency up to 99.6%

Optimisation for low light and shaded roofs
Improving energy harvesting especially on low light or shaded roofs

Optimise roof space
Use multiple roof areas without affecting the system performance

Increase energy harvest and system up time for proven ROI
Recover on average, 36% of power lost to partial shading

Up to 100% + for the first 2 years
Most modules are 97% year 1

Linear performance 100% to 90% at year 25
Modules are stepped: 97% year 1 – 90% year 10 – 80% year 25

21.7% High cell efficiency
Standard modules are 13% to 15%

UK only design and specification
Stronger performance in diffused (cloudy) and early morning late afternoon solar reduction

Lifetime product and performance warranty
Most modules are 10 & 25 years