1- Solar
Light reacts with your solar panels to create electricity

2 – Inverter
The electricity created by your solar panels is converted from DC to AC current that can be used in your home

3 – Battery storage
Stores surplus electricity for everything you use & don’t forget the Eco 7 Smartcharge to utilise cheap economy 7 off peak electricity

4 – Volt Dr – by Eco Wurx
Save up to 10% on your electricity bill by reducing the voltage to your home

5 – Boiler Dr – by Eco Wurx
Bring your old boiler up to date and save up to 16% on your gas bill by making it more efficient

6 – Hot Water Dr – by Eco Wurx
Get virtually free hot water by using surplus power to heat your emersion tank

7 – Owl Smart Heating
Control your homes heating from your smart device to maximise your homes heating efficiency

8 – Cürv Smart TRV
(Thermostatically Controlled Radiator Valves) May help to reduce your heating cost by up-to 1% per Thermostatic Radiator valve (TRV) and has the added benefit of giving you zoned heating control