1 - Change Your Energy

Just by changing your energy supplier, you could save hundreds of pounds! Project Solar work with independent energy checker UKPower, to ensure you get the latest and best deals.

2 - Get Solar

Using the abundant energy provided by the Sun, you can help to reduce your energy costs and save the planet, maybe even putting some money back in your pocket!

3 - Get Voltage Optimisation. By installing a Voltage Optimiser, you may save up to 10% on your electricity bills and increase the life of your appliances.
4 - Get virtually FREE Hot Water - Using the excess energy created by your solar system, you can heat your water, virtually free of charge! Save up to 750KwH/Annum
5 - A new lease of life for your boiler! Installing a Boiler Dr will bring your old boiler into the 21st Century by improving its efficiency using intelligent controls.

6 - Cürv Heating

Cürv Heating gives you room by room zoned control, maximising your savings. The best thing is, you can control this all via your smart device.

7 - Owl Heating

The Owl central heating controller allows you to manage your homes heating via a simple online app. This will maximise your efficiency and savings.