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Volt Dr. Voltage Optimiser is designed for use in domestic and light commercial applications. It is installed between the electricity meter and main consumer unit.

It controls and optimises incoming voltage to between 216V and 220V reduce power consumption of electrical appliances and save electricity charge. This expands life span of electrical appliances and saves you money.

  • 253v

    The maximum level that
    electricity should be supplied at.

  • 216v

    The ideal voltage to maximise equipment efficiency!

  • 207v

    Electrical equipment will operate adequately, even at this level.

  • 242v

    The average level at which voltage is supplied in the UK.

What is Voltage Optimisation?

Energy efficiency is one of the most important issues in the world today. In the UK, the average electricity supply is around 240 Volts, which is high compared to other countries.

Appliances with the CE mark must be capable of working across a wide voltage range anywhere between 207-253 Volts.

Voltage optimisation is a well-established proven technology that manages incoming voltage and reduces it to a more sustainable level more suitable for your appliances.

How does it work?

Our Volt is units reduce the voltage using transformers. We reduce the mains voltage to around 220 volts, a level that allows the electrical appliances in your building to operate more efficiently.

Why do I need it?

Supplying appliances at higher than 220 volts wastes energy. As well as getting larger bills and the negative environmental impact, appliances deal with extra voltage by generating heat or vibration, which means they wear out faster.

What could Volt Dr's
Voltage Optimiser do for you?

  • Could save money on your energy bills
  • Reduces energy waste & carbon footprint
  • Increases the life of electrical goods
  • Easy to install by a qualified electrician

Potential Savings with an Optimised Supply

Non-optimised supply
  • Power (p) = 242V x 242V (V2) / 20Ω (R)
  • 2928W (P) = 58,564V / 20Ω (R)
  • 2.928kW = 2928W / 1000
  • £0.10/kWh x 2.928kW = £0.2928/h
  • £0.2928 x 24hrs = £7.03 per day
Optimised supply
  • 2420W (P) = 220V x 220V (V2) / 20Ω (R)
  • 2420W (P) = 48,400V / 20Ω (R)
  • 2.42kW = 2420W / 1000
  • £0.10/kWh x 2.42kW = 0.242/h
  • £0.242 x 24hrs = £5.81 per day

The above calculations and percentage savings are for illustrative purposes only.
Please note that savings will vary depending on power supply and electrical appliances used.

Warranty terms and conditions are available upon request.

Install Our Voltage Optimiser & Save Money On Your Electricity Bills, Reduce Energy Waste & Your Carbon Footprint!

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