• Support up to 3.6kW water heater
  • Use the surplus solar energy generated at your roof to heat up the water
  • Can heat water forcibly by timer or by “boost” button
  • Abundant information display, real time display, historical energy savings figures and running status
  • Easy and fast to deploy by using existing facility, no wiring between controller and sender

What do you need?

  • Home PV System
  • Immersion heater
  • Hot water Dr. System

What can you get?

  • Fully utilise the solar energy Generated by your PV system
  • Save on your energy bill heating water via your solar PV
  • Perfect harmony between solar energy and grid power


  • Hot water Dr. Controller
  • Operating Voltage 220-240 Vac
  • Maximum Loads 16A Resistive (up to 3.6kW)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature -10 to 45ºc
  • Certificate CE
  • Dimensions 150x215x60mm
  • Weight 550g
  • Hot Water Sender
  • Battery Type 2”AA 1.5V alkaline battery
  • Battery Life Cycle 1 year (easy to replace)
  • Operating Radio Frequency 433 MHz
  • Radio Range Up to 30m indoor
  • Operating Ambient Temperature -25 to 50ºc
  • Certificate CE
  • Dimensions 78x90x32 (excluding clamp)