What’s it like to work at Project Solar?

It’s not just our customers that love us, but our staff do too. Why? Because we’re always finding new ways to shine a little sunlight on their day. After all, when you’re offering a product that helps people save money on their energy bills whilst saving the planet at the same time, you need a happy and motivated team to get the message out there. So how do we ensure our people come into work on a Monday morning smiling, and leave on a Friday with a jump in their step (and maybe a prize or two)?

Monday is games day. Forget the post-weekend blues, because Monday is all about the box game here. The aim of this game is simple. Each time a member of our phone team books an appointment with a client, they get to stick their name on one of six numbered spaces on the box. That might sound straightforward, but once those spaces have filled up, people have to knock their colleagues’ names off to get theirs up there. It gets pretty serious. Why? Because the six names that are on the box at the end of the day all get an envelope containing a prize. Inside might be cash, extra breaks, or even chocolate.

And if you don’t win? There’s always Wednesday, when we do it all over again.

Everyone gets a chance to beat the boss. Ever dreamed about beating your boss? Well, here all our staff get the chance to do just that… though we’re talking about a quickfire quiz, or a fun challenge, rather than anything more physical. And should they beat the boss? It’s another cash prize, although the bragging rights are also pretty sweet.

Oh, and talking of bragging rights…

The ultimate prize is up for grabs… every month. It’s one thing getting the most leads in a week, but ask anyone in our breakout room, the real glory is keeping it up for the whole month. And for the caller who manages to get the most leads, there’s a big prize. We won’t reveal what it is, but let’s just say it’s bigger than anything we give out for the games. We love to recognise and appreciate great performance from our staff which is why we give away over £4000 a month in bonuses to our team members who go above and beyond.

Feel good Fridays. The more appointments our team can book, the more bingo strips they’ll get. And that means the more chance of winning big at the end of the shift Friday bingo session. We also keep our people well fed with our monthly Pizza Friday, and they don’t have to worry about getting stringy cheese on their uniforms either, because that’s also their dress down day.

Charity fun days. Whether it’s raising money for St. Ann’s hospice (between company donations and our generous staff we raised over £5,300) or a guide dog charity, we like to keep things fun. Our Halloween fancy dress competition brought out some absolute monsters last year, and the team loved bobbing for apples. Meanwhile, the egg and spoon race and Easter Egg hunts were pretty closely fought. And we’ve got plenty more fun planned for this year.

We never forget a birthday. Who doesn’t like balloons, banners and cakes on their birthdays? And if you don’t like your cake, you can always put it in the breakout room… it won’t last long in there.

Breakout in style. Grab a quick game of Fifa on the Xbox, practice your trick shots on the pool table, or cement your place as the greatest table football player in Project Solar. Otherwise, simply sit down in a comfy chair, and enjoy the free fruit, hot drinks and filtered water on offer.
We recognise and promote talent. And we always promote in-house. Those who work hard and demonstrate dedication and ability will get a chance to move into team leader and management roles.

Looking for a new challenge? Does being valued for your talents by a growing company who offer career progression sound like a prize worth winning? Then give us a call today on 0800 112 3110.